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My Magical Discovery of Google

I have been a Google-using human since I was ten years old. Why am I so loyal to Google? Primarily because I am a classic creature of habit, but there’s one other part that will soon be revealed.

Just to give you an idea, I’ve been ordering the same sandwich from Togo’s for 14 years. I still use a flip phone because I like how it feels to flip it open, and touch screens hate me. When my computer tells me there’s an available update, I’m the queen of “Not Now” because I’m fine with the way things are. For most of my life, if I ate a cheeseburger, I ate it with pickles and ketchup ONLY  until a guy I really really liked suggested I try that sauce at In-N-Out. We eventually didn’t work out, but the sauce and I certainly did, and I’ve ordered it ever since.

Once I’m sold on something, I will buy it forever, literally and figuratively. I am a  marketing campaign guy’s DREAM ( and therefore he should call me.) Once I’m comfortable with something, I will hold on tight until the universe pries it from me and forces me to see a better way through my ridiculous tears of stubborn resistance. Then I adjust and the cycle repeats itself.

The only unsolicited changes I ever enthusiastically welcome from the get-go tend to be really handsome, covered in chocolate, or both.

So far, no search engine of that description has emerged, and thus I am still happily Googling my way through life. Based on what you know about me, guess how my ten year old self came to settle on the most powerful search engine in existence? 

It was the first search engine I’d ever personally used when my other fifth-grade friend back then showed it to me and told me I should. That’s it.

And at that time, my discovery of Google was very exciting and useful, not because I had an unfathomably great wealth of information at my fingertips, but because it was the gateway to finding top notch pictures of unicorns on the internet.



I was hooked for life.